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Show Rules

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The Mane Event Shows are NOHSA, PAC, OCAP and ACAAP approved.

(Click picture to go to that program's website.)

All Classes will be run by AQHA rules including amateur eligibility.

Age divisions are determined by rider's age as of Jan 1st, 2023.

Walk/Trot riders may not cross enter into canter classes.

Open division is open to all ages of horses and riders. Professional trainers may show and collect points in the open division only.


Ribbons and points are awarded through 6th place in each class. Division points are counted for One Horse/One Rider combo. Horse/Rider must compete in division at a minimum of 5 out of the 7 shows to qualify for year-end awards in that division.

Year-End High-Point Champion and Reserve Champion Buckles will be awarded in the following divisions:

  • Walk/Trot 18 & Under          (Western & English combined)

  • Walk/Trot 19 & Up                (Western & English combined)

  • Western Youth 13 & Under

  • Western Youth 14-18

  • Western Amateur 19 & Up

  • Western Open (all ages)

  • Ranch Horse Youth 18 & Under

  • Ranch Horse Open 19 & Up

  • English Youth 13 & Under

  • English Youth 14-18

  • English Amateur 19 & Up

  • English Open (all ages)

Qualifying classes for each division can be seen on the show premium or Award Divisions page.

***Division points are counted for one horse/one rider combo.***

Judge's decision is FINAL in all matters and shall be uncontested. By participating in this event, exhibitors agree to these conditions and acknowledge that there is no grievance procedure to contest placings. Failure to comply may result in the exhibitor(s) being dismissed from the show and/or banned from entering any future shows held by The Mane Event, LLC.

Show Staff and Judge reserve the right to excuse any horse or exhibitor for the following reasons:

unsafe behavior, lameness, poor animal condition, inhumane or abusive treatment of animal, unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct.

Points will be recorded and posted on the website after each show.

Proper show attire is required, though chaps and coats may be optional during warmer shows at the judge's discretion.

No training equipment allowed in any classes. Junior horses 5 years of age and younger may be shown with 2 hands in a snaffle or bosal.

Helmets are required for youth riders in all riding classes and for all over fences classes.

Class order of go will be posted for pattern classes on the Friday before each show. Please be ready at the gate when your number is called. If rider cannot be located after a reasonable amount of attempts by show staff they will be dropped to the bottom of the order to keep the class running expeditiously.

All show patterns will be posted online before each show.

Entries will close Thursday at midnight before each show. No late or day of show entries will be accepted.

Liability release must accompany entry form.

Payments can be made through the payment page or cash/check at show. Please make checks out to 'The Mane Event'.

Show office will open no later than 8am before each show. Showmanship classes will begin at 8:30am. Trail will begin at 10:30am and will close at 3pm. Trail course will remain open during lunch break.

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